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Meet Billy, James and Harri

Billy - 1966 Splitscreen campervan

Carries 6 passengers

James - Rare 1957 splitscreen campervan. Carries 6 passengers

Harri - 1969 bay window campervan

Carries 6 passengers


Billy is an adventurous split screen campervan who likes nothing better than to get out on the open road! His laidback personality also means he likes to kick back and spend quality time with friends and family. Billy’s quirky retro interior is comfortable and spacious, enabling passengers to relax, chat and make the most of their journey.

Billy’s Story

Billy was born in 1966 in Germany, but spent most of his life in Mississippi, USA. In 2010, he came out of retirement, with a revived thirst for life, and a dogged determination to get himself back into shape. During his renovation, he was lowered and fitted with a full Alpine audio-visual entertainment system, so his passengers could sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! Billy has retro two-tone cream wrap around seating, finished with a walnut trim. With six pop-out windows and safaris back and front, Billy is ready for any adventure!

Billy can accommodate up to six passengers maximum, plus a chauffeur.


James is our newest arrival, a very rare 1957 splitscreen campervan. He has recently been fully refurbished to a very high standard. James is an orginal Californian dude, who came to the UK looking for a new challenge in 2014. His stunning wrap around bamboo & cream coloured interior was designed and refurbished by an ex Bentley trimmer so as you can imagine it exudes luxury. When you travel in James you will feel like a movie star !!

James can accommodate up to six passengers maximum, plus a chauffeur.


Harri is our cheeky bay window T2 campervan who loves to spend time being with friends, family and loved ones. Harri is warm, friendly and down to earth; his big heart always shines through. Harri has a cosy and sociable interior, which is designed to let his passengers chat and have fun during their journey.

Harri's Story

Harri was born in 1969 in the US, where he spent his time hanging out with his friends and going about his VW duties. Looking for adventure, in 2011 he moved to Cleeveland in the UK where he embraced the British way of life. In June 2016 he ventured down south to Cornwall, where he finally fell in love and found his true calling - weddings! Harri joined us in January 2018 and has become a much loved member of the Nothing but Wedding Cars family. Harri has a modern, classic style, green and cream interior with a handy wooden table. Everyone loves Harri ...a true prince !!

Harri can accommodate up to six passengers maximum, plus a chauffeur.

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