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7 ways to decorate your wedding car

Ways to decorate you wedding car

Your wedding car/s are a key part of your special day, whether they are needed to transport the bridal party between various locations, or primarily there to be part of the backdrop for those all important photos. Coloured poly ribbons & bows are a fairly standard part of the cars decoration, it's those little extras that will make the photos of you and your wedding car really stand out!

A few ideas ...

1. Tin cans tied on the back of the vehicle – it is thought that this tradition first began as a way of protecting the marriage, by warding off evil spirits as the couple started their journey together

2. Hessian and lace makes a great alternative to the standard ribbons & bows and ties in perfectly with a rustic venue or theme. If you have a couple of colours to your theme, have the ribbons and bows made out of both colours.

3. Wedding signs on the back of the vehicle, rustic wooden signs look great on vintage cars, and look amazing on the photos.

4. Champagne bucket or crate and glasses, always looks fabulous in the wedding car, and provide another photo opportunity!

5. Your flowers placed in your car help dress the interior, there is no need to go to extra expense of buying flowers specifically for the car.

6. Artificial flowers on the bumper can look great if you are having your wedding at a rustic venue

7. Baskets filled with handy items also makes a great prop and can prove rather useful too!

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