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Finding your Wedding Car Supplier

Finding a Reputable Wedding Car Supplier, just got tougher ... thanks to Covid19

How to find a reputable wedding car company ?

Recent events i.e. Covid19 have highlighted the importance of booking a reputable wedding car supplier, one who puts it's couples first even when faced with unprecedented situations like this.

Here are our top 10 tips to help you find and book a legitimate and trustworthy company

1. Check out their recent reviews on their facebook page, if there are no recent ones, be cautious and do some more investigating.

2. Look on Trustpilot to see if they are registered and have any verified reviews, most of the top companies will be on there https://uk.trustpilot.com/

3. Check out if they have any reviews from couples who have had to postpone their wedding due to covid19, how they have handled their couples gives you a good incite as to how they will cope if faced with any challenges

4. Ask for recommendations from friends and family and other wedding suppliers (the wedding supplier community is a close one and always willing to recommend a trusted local company).

5. Look for a company that has a website as well as a social media presence. Websites take time, effort and money and are a good indicator that they are serious about their company and are intending to be around for some time. Given that you will be booking your car 12+ months in advance this is a must.

6. Are they offering viewing appointments or virtual viewing appointments ? A viewing appointment will allow you to check that they own the ones they are promoting (believe it or not this does happen) and to check the condition of the vehicles, to ensure they are well looked after and maintained.

7. If the price you are quoted seems to good to be true, it probably is. Buying, insuring and maintaining wedding cars is expensive, if the price is too low, listen to those alarm bells and steer clear.

8. Never pay the full amount up front, most reputable companies will only ask for a deposit usually £50 - £100, the remainder is not normally required until 1 - 2 months before your wedding date,

9. Check their terms and conditions to ensure you have transparency of the service you can expect to receive and what they will do in the event of unexpected issues

10. Do they have any recent wedding industry awards. The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) is one of the most highly respected as it is voted for by couples that have used the company rather than by their friends and family You can visit the TWIA website to see the list of past winners for all categories, Regional and National awards. Be careful some companies will claim to be award winning but when you check, these claims are false, or are from some years ago, look for 2019 and 2020.


Your wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and there are so many professional and reputable wedding car companies available that provide an amazing service. Take the time to do a little research to ensure you find one of these fabulous companies, so your wedding day is memorable for all the right reasons !

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