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Enter the Micro Wedding

Enter the Micro Wedding

If you are one of the couples who set your wedding date pre-Covid19, suddenly, the world changed and your plans have been stopped dead in their tracks. Countless couples are having to navigate these scary times , for many, excitement has been overtaken by anxiety and disappointment that their weddings will be nothing like they envisioned .... but there is hope.........enter the Micro Wedding.

What is a Micro Wedding ?

A Micro Wedding is a way for people to keep some of the elements of a traditional wedding but with a very small and select guest list. It’s a way to live the experience you've always imagined but in a more meaningful, intimate, and peaceful way. The change has created a beautiful opportunity for all couples going forward to focus only on the things that best represent their love. Whether you choose to make your day special with a unique and quirky vintage VW wedding car or a magician for your guests, it’s sure to be a day where you make extraordinary memories spending quality time with those you love most.

Benefits of a Mirco Wedding

For couples who relish the idea of a big wedding, the micro wedding might feel like a let down. But for many, the opposite is true. For these couples, the silver lining in this pandemic madness is that the pressure to invite people to their wedding out of obligation has disappeared. Gone is the pressure to invite co-workers, extended family, and acquaintances. Weddings are stripped down to their very essence; the love between two humans and their commitment to one other.

Some couples feel the “guilt” of not having all the people they know at their wedding and are scared of what uninvited people are going to feel. If that’s the only thing holding you back you can always have a bigger party later to celebrate with them. If people don’t understand your priorities and why it’s simply “not you” to have a large wedding then too bad for them. This is YOUR wedding day.

With a Micro Wedding, there’s no reason you can’t have all the amazing details you planned, like stunning flowers, photography and/or videography. Don’t forget some suppliers such as wedding transport don't even count as part of your 15 and as well as providing a practical service also add the WoW factor and the possibility of some creative photography and yet more special memories

So don’t been despondent, focus on what is important ... YOU !

Feel free to contact us to see how our unique wedding cars can help you create the Wow factor on your wedding day.

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